Wedding Season: Bridesmaid Edition

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Wedding season is hereeeee! 

We know that bridesmaid dresses can be tricky and quite honestly, a real pain. You want your best girls to wear a dress that compliments your wedding style, but also wear a dress they feel comfortable in and will wear over and over agin! Talk about stressful.

It's okay, we're here to help. 

 Here are a few of our favorite dresses that are perfect for any summer wedding and guaranteed to make your bridesmaids feel great and look amazing.


Blythe Dress in Blush/Pink (In Store Only)

This may be one of the most popular wedding colors in recent years and we are all about it! The light pink/blush color compliments every skin tone while remaining neutral and easy on the eyes. The Blythe Dress is more of a high/low style while not being too high, or too low. The wrap around tie is the perfect addition, allowing each bridesmaid to add her own personal touch. 


Blythe Dress in Sage (In Store Only)

Take everything amazing thing about the Blythe Dress in blush and just change the color to sage! The color of sage is modern, peaceful, and used everywhere and on everything color. We love it!! Seriously, it's a real crowd pleaser. 


Audrey Maxi  (In Store Only)

The Audrey Maxi, named after Audrey Hepburn, is exactly as she is. Bright, classy, and beautiful in every way. The Audrey Maxi has a "v" neck that isn't high enough to make you feel like you're being choked, and isn't low enough to make you feel like everyone is looking somewhere else....uh, hello, my eyes are up here! The wrap around tie accentuates the waist and makes you feel elegant and feminine - the perfect wedding combo. 



Swiss Nora Midi 

One of my personal favorites! I wore this to my best friend's wedding and got compliments on it all day long! It's comfortable, airy, and the swiss dot pattern adds the perfect texture. Seriously to die for! The Swiss Nora has functioning buttons from the waist up with the tiniest "v" neck. It's also nursing friendly, which is a huge bonus for all those momma's out there. I absolutely love this dress, and I promise you will, too!


Swiss Harper Midi 

Bright color + Beautiful Swiss Dots + Comfortable = Wedding Bliss

The Swiss Harper is the perfect bridesmaid in more ways than one. To name a few, this dress is so comfortable! Your bridesmaids won't mind being stuck in this dress all night. It's also an amazing color that looks like summer with a great texture to add to your wedding party. Oh, it's already in your cart? You go, girl. 


Swiss Emery Midi 

Another Swiss dress! Obviously we are big fans of this style. Much like the Harper and Nora, the Swiss Emery is a beautiful color with a beautiful design. It has a small clasp at the top that makes this dress nursing friendly and easy to fall in love with. We could go on and on, but you get the point: This dress is amazing. 


Something Blue Midi Dress

The Something Blue Midi is petite, flirty, and the dress lover's absolute dream. The light, airy fabric is exactly what you'll want for a hot summer day. And the best part? You can tie the sash in the front or the back! This dress is great to mix patterns (think floral shoes) and get a little creative. 


Acacia Midi Dress

The Acacia Midi is great for the brides who want things plain and simple, but maybe a tiny bit a detail. With the pleated detail on the skirt and even a little bit of stretch (95% spandex), this dress is perfect for any bridesmaid! And just like the Something Blue Midi, this sash is able to be tied in the front or back to give you some options. Either way, you can't go wrong, especially with two pretty colors to choose from.


Brie Summer Dress

A slight "V" neck, functional buttons above the waist line, and the cutest tie around the waist. It's flowy and comfortable, allowing a bit of stretch in the waist and sleeves. Having a wedding dance party? Your girls will be able to get down on the dance floor in this dress and not feel restricted to the awkward swaying movements of uncomfortable dresses. The Brie Summer dress just called, it wants to be in your wedding. 


Easy Going Midi Dress

The Easy Going Midi is the ideal dress for the sporty brides who are looking for something a little different. With two stripes on the sleeve, a swing dress feel, and a good amount of stretch, the Easy Going Midi lives up to it's name perfectly. And believe us, without how comfortable and soft this dress is, your girls may never want to take it off!


Wild Floral Midi 

Okay, hear me out: FLORALS! We love them, you love them, everyone loves them! Putting your bridesmaids in floral dresses with beautiful patterns will make your wedding unique and undoubtably the most envied. If you're going for the flower girl, boho inspired, unique wedding vibe, we found your dress. (Hint, it's the Wild Floral Midi).


Willow Maxi

When we think of bridesmaid dresses, the Willow Maxi is exactly what comes to mind. The pleated skirt and sleeves add to the elegance and style of this dress, making it an instant classic we absolutely adore. The Willow Maxi comes in two colors in Sage and Navy. It will be hard to choose, but we know you'll make the right choice! (FYI, there is no wrong choice).


 State of Mind Maxi 

Beautiful, simple, elegant, and finely detailed. The perfect dress. The State of Mind Maxi is a cream/off white color, which is a beautiful summer color. And those sleeve details? We are swooning over here. 


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